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Everyone knows that when you find yourself with vehicle problems, you call for a towing services provider. However, what they don’t know is that not all companies offer the same quality of drivers or service options as other business can.

That means that even though you think that your service call will remain straightforward, it can quickly get complicated and expensive before long. It isn’t until you sign on the dotted line that you realize that you should have hired someone else.

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One way to make a better decision is by choosing the Columbia, SC towing company more locals trust. At Columbia Towing Services, we continue helping more people save on the services that they need the most, 24-hours daily.
Towing Service, Columbia, SC

24-Hour Towing Services

Mechanical issues, tire trouble, and more problems can occur at any time. So why should you call a towing company that stops service by 5 pm when you stay at risk?

Our drivers never quit because neither do maintenance concerns. Whether you drove past a construction site on your way home, hit a pothole, or can’t get your car to start, you need to know someone is always looking out for you.

24 Hour Towing Service Columbia SC

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, your vehicle doesn’t need to get hauled away necessarily, but that may be the only service that specific companies offer. As a result, you now must pay more for an inconvenient solution when a better correction exists.

When you need more options than car towing, look no further than our experienced team of drivers. We assist more area drivers with a wider variety of options than anyone else in town.

Battery Jump Starts Columbia, SC

Dead Battery Jumps

If your jumper cables remain in their original packaging, do you want to see now if you remember how to use them correctly? Improper use of jumper cables can cause severe damage to your vehicles, as well as possibly harm you.

Burning out your car’s onboard electronics is easier than you may think, and even experienced drivers can get it wrong. Rather than run the risk of damage, call us instead.

Vehicle Lock Outs

When you are like many drivers, you likely turn straight to a car locksmith when you discover that your keys remain locked inside. However, as a specialty service provider, they are going to invoice you a fortune for a few moments opening your door.

Calling us means faster vehicle unlocking and affordable pricing. No matter when or where you require our technicians, we’ll do it for less each time you call us.

Fuel Delivery, Columbia, SC

Fuel Delivery

It isn’t until your car rolls to a stop that you remember that you were supposed to fill up after work. And now that you’re halfway home, your vehicle doesn’t have enough gas to get you to your driveway.

Before you start the long walk to the nearest gas station, our drivers offer a better solution. You can call on us for quick and convenient fuel delivery anywhere that your car got stuck.

Flat Tires

When unexpected wildlife jumps out into your driving path, your instincts take over. You aren’t actively avoiding tire hazards, but merely avoiding running over squirrels, deer, turtles and more.

However, being a good neighbor often leads to damaged or flat tires. If you don’t have a spare, a jack, or remain in an unsafe location, it can quickly get frustrating.

Before you panic, call Columbia Towing Services for tire repairs.

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